Our Antique tours are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients which are as vast and varied as the possibilities. Would you like to spend a day touring the various shops and dealers in the Cotswolds, or want help navigating a large fair of 500 + dealers in search of a particular accent piece for your home or collection? CONTEXT also hosts buying trips to the continent which may be something you have considered but do not know where to begin, now you have the answer. Start HERE!

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General Antique  Tours


All of our Cotswold day tours are designed to see as much of the area as possible, and are limited only by how much time you have, and the hours of operation for some attractions. Tours usually begin upon collection from a train station or hotel in the area and can last anywhere from 4 hours to an entire day.  Your interests, time of year and point of collection greatly determine how we plan your day as the Cotswolds are chock full of scenic beauty, wonderful architecture, history and grandeur. Please refer to our list of local attractions and points of interest to help us assess how best to plan your day. If there are any " must see" locations, please indicate them when completing the introduction document which will help us create a special day for you. 

 Tour Antique Dealers


"Knowing where to look is only part of the equation"

CONTEXT DESIGN has relationships with a variety of specialty dealers and collectors whose reputations are based on experience and integrity, not the distorted optics of heavy marketing hype and self promotion. Finding and qualifying legitimate, trustworthy sources takes years, but our knowledge expertise and contacts save you time and dramatically reduce your risk. We also help focus your search thereby increasing your chances of success while increasing your return on investment. 

 "We help you access the best material  and make it a fun learning experience"

 Tour Antique Shows & Fairs

The heart pounding Experience and the thrill of the hunt 


Nothing quite compares to the excitement and drama when you hit the field of exhibitors before sunrise hunting for rare bold and beautiful character items to live with and enjoy in your day to day living. Experiencing the thrill of competing with trade professionals to acquire wonderful unique items, long before the public has access to the venue  might just be the thing for you...

"Things may not always be as they seem...buyer beware!"

Tour Private Collections 


Sometimes its not what's'in the shop that matters but what's in the house...

    Not all good things naturally find there way into the market place with out a little digging and perseverance. Serious collectors and dealers often keep the best " reserved" for private audiences who recognize, appreciate and value the difference. Often these prized possessions are are not on public display, yet the opportunity educate and share their pride of ownership is often just a matter of asking. Gaining access to these collections takes time and is often well worth the wait. We will be happy to introduce you to some of these opportunities. To learn more about this just ask.     

"If you think it will be memorable you would be correct"

International Antique Tours

CONTEXT DESIGN has shopped the fairs and markets in the South of France and has connections through out Spain and Provence which is fertile ground for a wide variety of antiques and the decorative arts. Experiencing these events is something akin to " the running of the bulls", but well worth the effort. These fairs are energized and offer diverse material from many countries and eras with vendors showcasing their merchandise from all over Europe.  



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