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Pre Auction Consultation  

william iv library chair.jpg
William IV leather and mahogany lyre front armchair, English. Sculpted button back and seat, over carved scrolled arms and front rail All raised on turned tapering legs with brass castors.
It is always advisable to research the pedigree and integrity of a purchase in advance, rather than discovering you were not " the winner" after the fact. This applies to antiques and fine art as much as it does to race horses and high end automobiles if not even more so.
  Ask any serious antique and art dealer how many times they have had to break the news to clients who  either went it alone only to find out after the fact, what they bought was a good sales pitch and little else. 
The expertise and knowledge required to navigate the complexities of the antiques and art world  requires decades of study, observation and focus, often overlooked by individuals who spend more effort refining the mechanics of marketing, selling and self promotion.
That being said although I have been an enthusiastic participant in this world from an early age, I do not profess to be an expert in all fields, but rather my curiosity and drive to expand my horizons has helped me establish a network of experts and associates in various fields whom I draw upon personally and for clients when required. These trustworthy sources are happy to consult as professional agents when required, should distance and subject fall outside of my abilities. Always explore your options to fully appreciate the true costs and insights that experts can offer. You may be surprised at how much you learn in the process.

Sourcing and Agency 

We have spent decades learning to navigate the  the realities of the antiques and art world, and offer this expertise to individuals as a service. Whether you are looking for work by a particular  artist, or something specific for your collection; we source items globally.
We also manage your expectations before hand to reframe the possibilities or negotiate and oversee the process of getting it to you safely when we find it. 
  What does that mean? It means literally " The world is your oyster" and we are here to help you find the pearls. It also means we will not waste your time, or ours if expectations are predicated on unrealistic objectives as the realities of the business are very different than what many have seen portrayed in media.
  Alternatively if you would like to experience the thrill of the hunt first hand, that can also be arranged. We can walk you through a number of options, teach you how to search and navigate the process, and engage on your behalf with auction houses, dealers and collectors  to reduce risk and negotiate costs when possible. 
 Lastly we can arrange antique buying trips in North America , Europe and the United Kingdom, where you can attend international trade only antiques fairs, wholesale shows and get an inside look at the inner workings of the industry. Tell us what you are thinking and we can help make it a reality.

Battersea: Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair -London 

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