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 Perhaps one of the most interesting  categories of antique collecting is tables. They are not rare, its simply the ones people desire can be scarce, in fact I know of several companies whose core business is predicated upon the reproduction of antique table forms to meet the needs of the design trade and their clients. As with many areas of antique collecting world, fashion, functionality and style has a great deal to do with what makes something good, and what makes something desirable and valuable, in many cases one criteria having no relation to each other. The tables I own and have owned, have been sourced and imported from several continents and have been selected for their functionality, beauty and condition. Their purpose and functions are as vast and varied as my interests. Although I have posted images of many tables here on this page, I also have an extensive inventory of others so if you are seeking . something in particular chances are I may have it.
French Swan Table

French  Guéridon Table 

A fine French Guéridon or round centre table from the early 19th century,  The original Languedoc red and white marble is supported by a beautifully carved tri-form base which incorporates a combination of swans, scallops shells and triffid feet. It is said the swan was a particular favourite of Napoleons wife Josephine. The popularity of the red and white marble rose to prominence in the late 17th century and its use can be seen through out the palace of Versailles and the Grand Trianon.  
Cast Iron Garden Table

Cast Iron  American Rococo  Garden Table 

Mid 19th Century Cast Iron & Marble Centre table
Pie Crust Georgian Tea Table

mahogany  " Pie Crust " Georgian Tea Table   

late 18th  Century Dark Mahogany with full patination
New England Candle Stand

New England Hexagonal Candle Stand 

Philadelphia Tea Table

Philadelphia Tea Table Tipped 

North Shore Games Table
Louis XIII Lolling Chair

New England " North Shore" Games Table  

An extremely fine  Federal game table which  feature book-matched mahogany top and book-matched mahogany and feathered birch veneers. This games or card table is very finely proportioned having long, narrow skirts and tall, finely tappering legs, with extremely vibrant figured veneer and colour. A classic highly underrated American form, which can be used in a narrow hallway, in a window or against a wall until required for a quick game when it can be pulled out and doubled with a gate leg action. 
Louis XIII Walnut Table

17th Century Louis XIII Walnut Table 


A beautiful 17th Century Louis XIII " tavern " or side table table in walnut with a beautiful base with robust turnings throughout.  A compact striking survivour whose silohuette embodies the taste of the period. This rare example incorporates a thumb moulded top and lap drawer while retaining a good colour an patination. 


Depth : 21.25" /  54 CM            Width : 30" /  76 CM                Height : 28.5"   / 72.5 CM  

Arras Side table

Impeccable small Arras Zinc Side Table with Paw Feet  

Height 26.5" /   67.5 CM   Width of Top : 19.25" / 49 CM 
French Bakers Table

19th C French Bakers / Butchers Table 

Depth : 23.5"/ 60 CM    Height  31 " /   79 CM   Width of Top : 25.5" / 65 CM 
Swedish Demi Lune

Swedish "Demi Lune" painted table 

Possibly the end section of a "D" ended dinning room table, this softwood / pine table boasts its original chalk white paint. No alterations or enhancements of any kind , guaranteed to be a collectors dry undisturbed finish . Dating from the early 19th century this versatile  and highly desirable form works well in a variety of places , for display, serving, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas. 
Depth : 22.5"/ 57 CM          Height  36 " /   91.5 CM                Width of Top : 46 " / 117 CM 
New England Inlaid Federal Games Table

New England Federal Games table 

American Federal Cherry and Mahogany Card Table, with folding top and ovolo corners with conforming aprons bordered by stringing and checkerboard cross-banding inlay. All on square tapering legs with panelled dies and stringing. Massachusetts or Conneticut origin 1795-1800. The front centering a raised panel flanked by diamond and foliate inlays, in contrasting woods. Extremely fine checkerboard inlay across the table apron and edges.The leg fronts are also inlaid both above and below this band with lighter contrasting strips and designs which further accentuate the tapper and line of the legs.  A virtually identical table was sold at Skinners in August 2012 lot 957 
Height: 29 1/2" / 75 CM
Width: 34 1/2 / 87.5 CM
Depth:  17 3/4 / 45 CM 
New England Federal Tilt Top Stand

Federal carved Tilt Top Candle Stand  

French Telescopic Candle Stand

French  Telescopic Candle Stand with Feet

Thomas Short Candle Stand

New England Tilt Top Candle Stand  

American Federal Mahogany oval tilt top candle stand attributed to Joseph Short (1771-1819), Newburyport, Massachusetts,1790-1810
Extraordinary form, finish and overall state of preservation. The oval top tilting above a tapering ring-turned pedestal, on a tripartite base with cabriole legs and slipper padded feet. Early dark patinated surface colour with beautiful with darker edges indicating a history of lite use and care.The ridges extending from the lower portion of the legs over the feet of this candlestand are indicative of the candlestands of Joseph Short. A labelled example with nearly identical ridges on the legs and feet is illustrated in Charles Montgomery, American Furniture: The Federal Period(New York, 1966), p. 384, no. 371. Other similar candle stands were sold at Christies, 2 June 1990, lot 230 and Sotheby's New York, 28, 30, 31 January 1994, lot 1245. 
Reference Christies Sale 2414
January 2011 Lot 56
No breaks restoration or compromises. Guaranteed as described for the discerning collector. 
Ontrio Chair Table

Ontario Pilgrim Century Chair table   

This Ontario Chair Table is the first full colour Plate in Howard Pains Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture, and rightly so as it represents one of the most iconic Pilgrim Century forms  in the lexicon of Canadian furniture. Several examples of this model have been found along the North shore of lake Erie in the Niagara Peninsula, this one from an early family ( Collyer) who emigrated to the region from New Jersey in the early 19th Century. Anglo in from, the fine well balanced but robust turnings and  large 2 board pine scrub top make it both a good looking rare and classic form while being a pleasure to use with generous overhand and no apron to impede comfortable seating. This table relates to 17th and 18th century American examples also based on the English tradtion, but with the discovery of other examples it is believed to been crafted here in Canada at the end of the 18th or early 19th century.
Width:  49" / 124.5 CM 
Height: 30" /  76 CM 
Painted Candle Stand

New England painted candle Stand 

Modified Tea Table

New England Modified Tea Table    

A very unusual birch Queen Anne  modified tea table, that has been converted into a partial drop leaf, which can be tipped up and stabilized using 2 custom made brackets or cleats. The table has extremely good surface and form. Other than the 2 / 3 - 1 / 3 " split top, the table is unaltered but its unusual modification allows it to function much the same as a tuck away table.  

New England One Drawer Stand  

New England birch one drawer lamp table / stand. Purchased from Larry Foster Antiques in the early 90's. Constructed from native hardwoods, including birch, maple and possibly a mahogany used to highlight the edge of the top, a formal detail uncommon for such a whimsical country table of this sort. Everything about this table is original, including the extremely dry sandpaper like surface and drawer pull. Fine dove tailed drawer with the best leg turnings I have seen on a table of this ilk.  The dry scrub top speaks to almost 2 centuries of function and care. No breaks or restoration of any sort what so ever. 
Vermont 1 Drawer Stand
Large Arras Table

Arras Zinc Garden Table  

A large French metal garden table manufactured by Arras, which has had layers of over paint removed to reveal an unusual authentic surface history. This table also boasts cloven hoof feet and a subtle classic line to its sweeping 4 legs. 
Niagara Dining Table

Niagara Walnut Dinning Table   

Niagara Walnut Table
A rare black walnut  "kitchen dining table from Lincoln County" as described in Howard Pains landmark publication , The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture, which first appeared in 1978  Van Nostrand Reinhold in 1978. Canadian examples of this form are extremely rare  and follow the same Pennsylvania tradition with removable cleated "peg top",  three lap drawers, flat "H' stretchers and  well proportioned turned legs on later casters. Plate 854 
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