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 Bespoke Antique Tours 


Spend a day touring the antique shops and fairs in England with your own personal guide and driver.  An experienced & knowledgeable guide who not only knows the route but is also practiced in the strategies and locations to help you experience and compete with the trade able to consult and verify the age, origin and integrity of your interests. Spend a day in the Cotswolds exploring warehouses and shops filled with a treasure trove of history and beauty with somebody who also knows how to get it home with you should the need arise. Be chauffeur driven through the bucolic countryside and charm of unspoilt hamlets and villages at a pace in keeping with your objectives while enjoying the gusto pubs , cafes and atmosphere like no other place on earth. Images of fairs shops and recent events can be viewed below. Tell us what you seek and we will be happy to provide you with more information. 

English Antique Fairs & Shows 

 Fairs and Shows in France 
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