Sample Antique Tours

Antique Dealers,  Shops & attractions - 8 Hours 

  • GWR Train leaves Paddington 8:21 arrives from Moreton in Marsh train Station  9:59
  • Collect Guests at train station and check group shop in Moreton In Marsh.Depart 10:30
  • Drive to Stowe On The Wold  Arrive 10:45 Visit several group shops in town
  • 12:00 have lunch in town depart for Tetbury at 1:00 arrive 1:40
  • Stop at large warehouses and arrive in Tetbury Centre at 3:00
  • Tour various shops in town and possibly tour additional dealers just outside of town.
  • Winchcombe is also a possibility for shops as there are 3 good dealers and 1 group shop there. If there are auctions worth previewing in the area they may also become part of the agenda depending on a preliminary on line preview. 
  • It is important to note that these tours are extremely fluid and unscripted and depending on the weather and the pace with which guests would like to proceed, many options relative to the scenery, charms and attractions in the area can and will be included in all tours as options will be discussed throughout the duration of the trip. 

Antique Fair Tour - All Day 12-18 Hours 

  • Collection at your hotel in the Cotswolds, or pre arranged train station. TBD. If the show has an early start, usually 6:AM the pick up time will be determined by the location of the fair itself.Guest pick ups can be as early as 3:00 AM if driving from the Moreton in Marsh area. 
  • Drive to location of the Fair, usually 2-3 hours. Kempton Park, Newark, Ardingly, Lincoln, Shepton Mallet etc.
  • During the drive discussion as to tactics, targets, general strategies and methods relative to the layout for that particular events space. A general debrief and plan for the day. 
  • Test Walkie Talkies and how they will be used to cover a greater search area for the guests. 
  • Discuss negotiation etiquette and best methods for engagement with vendors and dealers to achieve desired results. 
  • Arrive at event location purchase tickets (if necessary), and due with other potential buyers and fellow enthusiasts. 
  • Gates frequently open before sunrise, so  flashlights will be essential for the hunt until daybreak.
  • We  shop the field and pavillions systematically until an object of interest is found.
  • Communication and location is made to others to identify dealer and booth location.
  • This process continues until its time to take a break, then after the opportunities are exhausted pick up and delivery arrangements are made.
  • The geographic location, and guest energy levels will help determine guest options for the remainder of the day.
  • Castles, Cathedrals, additional dealers and shops are all possibilities for the rest of the day. 
  • Drive to any number of spectacular attractions when returning home. 
  • Finish the day in a local Gastro Pub before being returned to your accommodation in the area. 
Tour Example - 6 Hours
All of our Cotswold day tours are designed to see as much of the area as possible, and are limited only by how much time you have, hours of operation ( for some attractions) what you would like to see. Tours begin upon collection from a train station or hotel in the area and can last anywhere from 4 hours to and entire day. ( 14 hours ) Your interests, time of year and point of collection will greatly determine how we plan your day. As the regions is chock full of scenic beauty, wonderful architecture history and grandeur, please refer to our list of local attractions and points of interest to help us assess how best to plan your day. If there are any " must see" attractions or destinations , please indicate them when completing the introduction document which will provide us with the necessary information we require to craft a special day for you. 
Tour Example - 8 Hours 
  • GWR Train leaves Paddington 8:21 arrives from Moreton in Marsh train Station  9:59
  • Collect Guests at train station and drive to Broadway Tower, Arrive 10:15
  • Depart 11:00 then on to Broadway en route to Snows Hill Manor ( National Trust)
  • Arrive at Snows Hill Manor 11:20  after tour stop for lunch at 12:45 Depart 1:30
  • Drive to Gloucester Cathedral arrive 2:20  Depart 3:30 for Bibury 
  • Arrive Bibury  4:10
  • Depart Bibury 5:00 drive to Burton on the Water arrive 5:20
  • Depart Burton on the Water 6:00 leave for supper in Paxford, or Ford before returning to train station for delivery home.. 
  • GWR Train leaves Paddington 8:21 arrives from Moreton in Marsh train Station  9:59
  • Collect Guests at train station and drive to The Roll Right Stones  arrive 10:30
  • Drive to Chasetlton House  Arrive 11:15 Depart 1:00
  • Drive to Stowe On The Wold  explore the town have lunch. Depart 2:00 
  • Drive to Lower Slaughter, arrive 2:15  ( possible stop at mill- add 30 mins) Drive by and then up past Upper Slaughter. Drive By. Depart 2:45
  • Arrive Bibury 3:15 depart 4:00.
  • Return to Train Station for 4:30 drop off. 



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