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While designing and thinking about the ideas and objectives of this website, this aspect has been the most challenging to configure. This is because unlike most sites, the primary goal is not to specifically drive revenue and commerce. The internet is already flooded with misinformation and content solely intended to promote, sell and spin things to encourage consumption and spending, but do we really need more of the same?  I believe we have fallen well short of the potential to share learn and expand our understanding of things and I for one want more. I have therefore created this site to promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge, insights and relationships through a variety of potential avenues, which I am still in the process of forming. 


In terms of the buying, selling and trading potential,I hope connections will be made through this site. I am ready and willing to hear what others have to say which might help me determine a way of becoming a " connector" of sorts where people with like minded interests and others with experience might meet.  There have been many occasions where I have previewed an auction or show wishing I had knew more about the individual or time when a particular object was created. Yet the closest we can manage is to engage, learn and share our common interests with others with  similar tastes and interests.

  As my interests expand and evolve, so does my understanding and appreciation of the bigger picture and the wonderful experiences and friendships that develop as a direct result of my curiosity and drive.

 Those of us who have been part of the fabric of collecting and dealing have witnessed incredible change over the past several decades. The commissions and fees associated with the current selling platforms have in many ways destroyed the value and fun in what was once an interesting way to collect, furnish and learn. It has only become more difficult due to a steady stream of inaccuracies and algorithms  designed to lead you places your search criteria would never naturally lead, in an effort to introduce you to a flurry of useless content and suggestions based on your "likes" and "clicks".   I also do not want to create an active venue where individuals seek free appraisals, services and advice, which is essentially what this may initiate. 

I also appreciate and respect the need many feel for privacy and security, and understand what I am proposing surely isn't for everybody. Is there a way to create a space where we can gather and connect? I recall how much I enjoyed " Show and Tell" in my early years in grade school, and how some of the ideas, objects and things my classmates brought to school opened my mind to previously undiscovered worlds and an understanding of just how much there was to learn and appreciate about life.

Dare I say the intent of these exhibitions and revelations align more with my sensibilities and ideals today then what I discover with a search on almost any of the platforms created to " help" us find what we are looking for. If you have any ideas please feel free to send them along., but in the meantime know I am thinking about it, and  working on it.



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