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Lighting Devices  



A mid 20th century Parisian industrial light fixture lens which once lit the thoroughfares of Paris. This mid  century classic has been rewired and certified for North American indoor use as a chic prismatic sphere which can function in a variety of settings.  The chain and end caps have been finished in an antique oiled bronze finish. This is an authentic Europhane classic. 


Manufactured by Europhane 



Height: 16 in. (40.64 cm)

Diameter: 15 in. (38.1 cm)

Period: 1950's-60's


Origin: France ​

A small collection of antique French table top "lighthouse" lamps. These remarkably decorative antique lamps have been carefully cast, machined and finished to a high standard of detail, distinctly different in style and design. They vary greatly in design, height and in particular the profile and style of the coloured lenses and finish of their columns and tops. Each of these outstanding antique pieces dates circa 1910-1920, and has been rewired for North American use. Each casts a soft  light based on the finishes ( lenses)  and the choice of bulb strength. 


Height: 16 in.- 20" (40.64 cm)

Diameter: 8.75 in. (38.1 cm)

Period: 1910-1920's


Origin: France ​

French  Lighthouse Lamps 

  Vintage Ankerlicht Nautical  Lights  

A large selection of electrified Ankerlicht   nautical and maritime themed electrified lantern. Various forms, sizes and glass options.       ( amber and clear) All made by the D.H.R. (Den Haan Rotterdam) established  in 1922 by Marinus den Haan. Initially a tinsmith he began producing a variety of nautical themed items, later producing ship’s lanterns expanding rapidly to meet growing demand. In spit of significant setbacks which occurred during World War II, its rebirth included  the mechanization and production of high quality lanterns based on classic forms and modifications of vintage examples of the late 19th century. These 20th century solid brass and copper lanterns were purchased during the dispersal of a high end Seafood restaurant.  The frosted glass is intact and scratch less and the title Ankerlicht is clearly embossed on the top of the lamp.

I believe this lantern are manufactured while the amber glass is still molten and blown into the metal frame and body thereby creating an unusual curvature of the glass beyond the brass cage / frame. Various forms and sizes, 

  Ankerlicht  Nautical Lanterns


Amber electrified lantern lights, previously ceiling mounted in an upscale Ontario Seafood restaurant.  Each with the unusual amber " bubble glass" thought to be blown into the solid copper frame during production which is protrudes through the protective wire cage and body of these rare and unusual lights. manufactured in Holland in the late 20th Century these vintage lanterns are constructed from a solid patinated copper body, each has the makers badge, ( Ankerlicht)  

Height : 12"  Body height:  9" Width : 6 "

      Large Ankerlicht  Lantern  


A large amber " bubble glass" Ankerlicht electrified lantern.  Solid patinated copper body with an unusual possibly unique glass which is protrudes through the protective wire cage and body. Possibly blown in situ adding to the effect and extremely high calibre of quality and craftsmanship. late 20th Century " vintage " lantern made in Holland and were previously used as theme lighting in an upscale Seafood Restaraunt in Canada.

Height : 15"  


Height: 20" including handle


Depth: 12" " Width : 12" ( body) 

  Ankerlicht  Nautical Wall Light


Amber " bubble glass" Ankerlicht wall mounted lanterns. Solid patinated copper body with an unusual glass which is protrudes through the protective wire cage and body of these rare and unusual  lights. These half profile sconces are made in Holland and were previously used as theme lighting in an upscale Seafood Restaraunt in Canada.

Height : 13"  Depth: 6.5" Width : 8.5"

   Ankerlicht  Nautical Lantern  


One of several small Nautical themed electrified ships lanterns made in Holland in the late 20th century by Ankerlicht,  DHR (Den Haan, Rotterdam, Holland) Previously used as a fixture in an up market Canadian seafood restaurant.  

These copper Ankerlicht nautical anchor lamps incorporate a traditional 360-degree Fresnel lens.  DHR has been producing nautical lamps to commercial shipping standards since 1922.

Lantern measurements 


Height: 9.25"


Width by 4.5"

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