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Metal Boxes 

French 15th Century Missal Box 

FRENCH GOTHIC WROUGHT-IRON MISSAL BOX LATE 15TH CENTURY. This coffret à mailles is covered with a double layer of wrought-iron sheaving with late Gothic grillwork, mounted on a wood , possibly oak, support. French or Spanish, With a hinged flat lid and tracery panels all sides,  Called a coffret a mailles or a la maniere d'Espagne, this type of box is thought to have preserved precious objects such as jewelry or small illuminated prayer books and  hand-illuminated prayer books, which were cherished and expensive objects. Cf. a similar example in the Robert Lehman Collection, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (acc. no. 1975.1.1466). Interior relined with embossed embossed dark purple velvet. They were called coffret à mailles or à la manière d’Espagne, in connection to the fine iron tracery of the sides and cover. Sometimes referred to as a missal box,

Spanish 17th Century Strong Box 

A SPANISH WROUGHT-IRON STRONG BOX thought to be late 17th Century to early 18th Century which incorporates a well defined lizard with extended tongue in pursuit of a small fly or bee. Scallop shells representing the Camino have been incorporated into each corner of the lid. Punchwork and delicate stylized badging and fronds all elevated on delicate paw feet. The lid and lowed apron of the box also incorporate a scalloped and punched trim. Red painted interior typical of these and many other steel and iron boxes throughout the region. 

Mediterranean Strong  Box 

Steel stone box with trick lock, no key required. This interesting long shallow rectangular box rests on small ball feet, with a brass and steel bail handle on its lid. The brass lock on the face incorporates an key escutcheon that unlocked the box when pressure is applied to bone the extruding brass " lock" to the right, thereby releasing the lid. 

French or Spanish  19th Century Strong Box 

A compact and sturdy 19th century steel valuables / strong box with faded padded silk upholstered interior. Integral steel bail handle fixed to the lid. Includes a functional key to lock and unlock it.  The elaborate lining implies the original function and purpose of this secure box was for more than just money.

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