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Thinking Outside The Box

The premise behind this website is neither original or mine, but is in fact the result of many conversations with dealers, collectors and experts I have had over the years.

 The basic " idea"of sharing my collection is much the same as how I viewed show and tell  during my early years in public school. Surely if I find  something interesting and fun it is my responsibility to share it with others. In retrospect since those early days my curiosity and collecting activities has provided my life with a vector to explore my interests in people, history, design, art and travel all the while enriching my life experiences beyond measure. 


Although most antique, art and design platforms focus on e-commerce, that is not the sole objective of this site. It is to provide a portal through which like minded  individuals with similar interests can engage, discover and explore, while making connections and contacts themselves which I hope will continue to promote, encourage and share valuable insights and expertise.    

More About The Idea

   This is not to say connections made through this site may not result in buying, selling and trading, as I also recognize this is also an essential aspect of collecting. Through this site and my years of experience and exploration I will facilitate networking, the sharing of interests, insights  and knowledge rather than yet another way to generate and promote sales and market share.  As the world continues to shift and change in ways many of us may be having difficulty accepting and adjusting to, there are many non traditional avenues yet to be explored and leveraged depending on your outlook and ability to look beyond the obvious. We all need to be open to these alternative points of view and  encouraged through open dialogue to understand and appreciate the benefits of collecting far beyond the focus of money. I encourage you to comment, criticize and participate as with my collecting and interests. 

  This initiative is a work in progress through which I strive to continue my journey of discovery while encouraging others to learn more about the world of collecting our past and the joys of living with history today. 

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