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Upon reflection I would suggest  the greatest things I have collected over time has been the friends , memories, adventures and experiences that my interests in antiques and history have provided. These same individuals remain an important part of my daily activities and I hope to expand this further through the promotion and appreciation of collecting via this site. I am fortunate to have made friends in the world of interior design, antique dealers, curators, authors noted artists and movie and TV set designers who have all been keen to learn and share their interests and needs with me. Periodically these same individuals call upon me to assist them in finding a particular item for a client or for use in a TV or commercial production. I continue to rent many of the items in my collection, and have worked with others to facilitate scenarios to generate revenue when it benefit all parties.  To find out more contact me directly to begin a conversation as to how this might work for you. 

19th Century Hollywood Regency " Butterfly" arm chair & French 19th Century dome displaying a collection of electric blue South American Morpho butterflies. 


As a graduate of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers organization, I am happy to consult, advise and appraise a wide variety of antiques and decorative arts with more than the ability to search out previous action results and price guide records. Understanding the subtleties and differences of an often complicated and convoluted fine art and antiques world , I will walk you through the process and am able to provide you with accurate, trustworthy information, particularly useful in a market as confused and rife with distorted optics and misinformation. My international experience and contacts can also be leveraged for a quick and insightful assessments if required. These services are particularly beneficial when estate planning, insuring appropriate insurance coverage, probate and dispersal situations. You may be surprised to discover the greatest valuables have been stored in the attic or the furnace room!

Antique Regency Convex mirror, England, 1810-1820. Surmounted by a roaring dragon on a rocky outcrop . by acanthus leaves and sculpted scallop shell.


They say that "patience is virtue" but in some cases you just need to know where to look, who to ask and have reasonable expectations before you start your search. After almost 5 decades of buying selling searching and FINDING what I am looking for, and more importantly knowing what it is when I find it, my experience has taught me if I do not know where to find it, I know who to ask. Anybody who claims to have all the answers define who you should be avoiding. Understanding the realities of the hunt and  being able to differentiate between a deal to good to be true and knowing when, where and how to go about your search is where we can help. I am not alone in my ability to periodically deliver the goods, but am always up for a challenge and am always keen to learn more about what people are looking for, and  how they go about the search. Feel free to contact me any time to  discuss how I might be able to help and if I can't I will be happy to point you in the direction of somebody who likely can. 


Original oil on canvas by American  Artist Daniel Adel 


Antique cast bronze hinged Victorian billiard pocket.


Whether you collect art, antique furniture, ceramics  or books, understanding the importance restoration plays in the preservation of artefacts for future generations can be daunting. Knowing what to do and when to do nothing is often as important as knowing where to take something and who is most suited to the task without bias.  Although some restoration requires traditional materials and methods in many cases every year restorers are provided with alternatives which change their world and ours. As technologies and availability changes access to some materials, some of these extremely talented individuals are more chemist and alchemist that craftsmen. I have with restorers, in Canada, the United states, Europe and the United Kingdom, restoring watercolours, carousel horses, red-ware and painted and formal furniture, and also have resources that work on textiles, metalware and paintings.  It has been my experience that although everybody has an opinion, many seldom understand the true ramifications and long term effects of their actions and good intentions. 

RENTALS  Opportunities 

As many antique and curiosity shops close and people flock to a variety of on line " solutions"in their search for collectables and interesting finds, connoisseurship in many cases has gone by the wayside. That is not to say these tools cannot be leveraged for other purposes which includes the ability to create passive income without sacrificing your collection but in fact providing an outlet whereby it can help pay for its expansion and refinement. During the 3+ years I operated a large retail antiques and design shop in Torontos Design District, much of my revenue was generated through movie , television and commercial rentals. In some cases i did not even own the products being provided, but acted as an agent for the production companies and those who owned examples of what was being sought. Some times its who you know, and I am happy to liaise with collectors and production companies to fill a niche that in many cases cannot easily be filled. If you want to be part of my network of providers and participants, contact me directly to learn more. 


Early 19th Century Quebec carved and painted pine Jam Cupboard, Eastern Townships. 



15th century Gothic Iron Missle Box French or Spanish  Circa 1450-1500 

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, which I am sure many of us have experienced in one way shape or form in the business of buying or selling antiques and art. In this case, although I may be naive I hope my intentions do not lead any of us there.  Many of us have witnessed the corruption and reconfiguration of numerous platforms, which will remain nameless  exclusively for the purpose of separating potential buyers from potential sellers in an effort to insure they reap the rewards when in many cases their expertise and professional services lack any level or fiscal or financial exposure. What can we expect for a paltry 40 % of the eventual selling price? Before the internet classifies and wanted ads appeared in numerous publications, but today potential buyers and sellers are kept separate from one another primarily so as to insure private side deals and communications which might lead to business without a controlled revenue stream for these organizations, and that simply would not do...I hope to create some kind of buy sell wanted classified venue where people can communicate with each other without the umbrage and unnecessary expense and trouble.  

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