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Witness the beauty, history and charm of the Cotswolds through different eyes...

What you see when you look up when entering Blenheim Palace

If you are wondering why a company giving Tours of the Cotswolds would call itself " CONTEXT DESIGN"?, here is the answer. We are far more than a tour company that drives our guests from one scenic  landmark to another while waxing poetic about the obvious beauty history, significance and relevance of each destination. I recently purchased a  500 year old stone property in an ancient village, fulfilling a life long obsession with the England in general and more specifically the Cotswolds. As a Canadian I believe I see, appreciate and understand the magnificence of the region, people and landscape differently than somebody who has been born and raised in the area. I am also University history graduate, antiques and find art dealer, and somebody who has owned and operated a retail shop servicing the needs of the interior design world as well as TV and movie set requirements, so I believe it is fair to say my experience is some way unusual and as a result I offer something different.  I have been buying and selling antiques in Canada, the United States Europe and Asia for almost 40 years and continue to buy sell and trade with a number of dealers and private collectors in North America England and Europe. The journey of discovery and adventure has has enriched my life experience and livelihood in ways for which are beyond description. My interest in antiques, art, people, history, travel, food, design and my willingness to inquire, engage and participate has resulted in many friendships along the way, which enables me to lean and access objects through a variety of sources and platforms including private collectors. I continue to work with some of the most specialized dealers in the world, and am offering my services and knowledge to individuals who share the same passion for fun, adventure, curiosity and discovery. If you would like to spend time exploring this beautiful region, and possibly see things through different eyes, I would be pleased to be your host on a tour based on your interests and desires. 



Tel 001-416-358-0513



email : brian@contextdesign.ca 

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