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Rental Opportunities 

The entertainment industry is constantly looking for a wide variety of unique and unusual items to rent for their television, movie and commercial productions. In the past  I have been able provide this service through my collection, inventory and on occasion by acting as a broker when items were supplied by people I know. Success in this industry often boils down to timing, ability, trust and your reputation for being professional and getting things right. When entrusted by the owners and those in need ( often on short notice) I have been able to get the job done efficiently, economically and in a timely manner to the satisfaction of both parties. As a connector, I see opportunities to succeed, earn and facilitate a process by simply looking beyond the usual routines and practices. If you are interested in exploring how you might either access an immense previously untapped resource or provide access to unusual material of your own though the rental market, thereby realizing a new passive income, please submit your information which will be kept confidential and on file for future reference.


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