Being able to navigate and anticipate what might be involved with the buying selling of antiques and fine art can be difficult at the best of times, but not a problem if you know who to ask and who to trust. After many decades of buying, restoring and managing the packing and transportation of valuable items we have the answers. For more information regarding these services refer to the tabs below. 


"we find what you're looking for  and eliminate the guesswork"


We SOURCE rare, beautiful, unusual, and fine objects of high integrity 

The facts regarding finding the best antiques and fine art material continues to evolve and becomes more complicated with each passing day. Many people mistakenly believe high profile internet dealer and auction platforms has facilitated their ability to secure quality, integrity, rarity and value. The very thought makes me smile just thinking about how naive this idea is... It is tough to argue about just how the internet has changed the way antiques and fine art is now bought and sold, but to believe it is all that straight forward is a mistake. After decades of practical experience and many hours learning and networking with a variety of trustworthy specialists in their field of expertise, we believe we bring a very unique offering to our clients, wether they are designers, decorators, private institutions or top  international collectors. To find out more about our services and how we work, please inquire. 




In the complicated world of Antiques and Fine Art, recognizing value potential and the associated pitfalls often has allot to do with assessing condition, potential and cost; but that is not where it ends. Knowing when to commit to a purchase and when to walk away is the key. Often the best buys are overlooked by inexperienced collectors,  because they don't want to go to the trouble, or don't know where to get the work done, or fear the costs associated with restoration. We have the answers to these questions and more. 

 Some "restoration" can irreversibly destroy the value and integrity of an object, forever.

Pick-Up, Delivery & Storage


"We will help you get it home in one piece."

Experience matters, especially when it is practical applied hands on experience. Problem solving is what we do. When our clients who know what they want and have found it, we help them get it home. This is just one of the many obstacles we have helped numerous customers manage over the past 30+ years. CONTEXT DESIGN works with a variety of agents throughout Europe and North America who collect and coordinate the packing, storage and safe keeping of your purchases until you are ready to have them shipped home. Our network of professhionals collect from wide variety of sources including dealers, auction houses, exhibitions, shows and fairs. Our clients are usually able to "piggy back" on our regular shipment , thereby reducing the overhead costs and risks associated with going it alone. There is no need for you to navigate the ins and outs of the importing business as I personally oversee the logistics management and timing of all  shipments, and guarantee the treasures you acquire arrive in the same condition you expect. Should they require restotaun either before shipment or upon their arrival we also have the resources to address any requirements 

There is no need to go it alone, let us handle the logistics.

Pre Sale Auction Consultation

"It's important to Know what you are buying before you raise your paddle "

Not all inspections are this obvious

Auctions remain one of the best ways to acquire objects of merit in todays turbulent and chaotic market, however having experienced and objective counsel helps to insure you know what you will be bidding on. In order to properly assess what you covet, determining what it is worth and what has been done to it is all part of establishing limits and expectations. We work with a number of experts in a variety of categories and locations around the  world, so please inquire if you would like us to liaise on your behalf. 


"determining value is often not always straight forward" 


As the principal of CONTEXT DESIGN, I am also a certified graduate of the CPPA ( Canadian Personal Property Appraiser) and in combination with my personal experience and resource knowledge, I am able to properly ascertain the values of most Antique and decorative items, wether it is for probate, insurance or liquidation purposes. I provide these services as a separate, but associated courtesy for my clients upon referral after an initial consultation fee and hence forth at an hourly rate. 

Storage & Export management 

It's part of the deal... It's just what we do."

My first container of antiques arrived in Toronto from Hong Kong in the mid 80's , and my most recent container arrived from the United Kingdom in the summer of 2019. Although there have been many changes during this period of time, understanding how to navigate and manage the logistics of what can be imported and working with trustworthy, professional packers, shippers and brokers is something we have experience with. We work with several small local operators in England and also work closely with A.W.L. Who we use greatly depends on the location, volume and nature of the product in question, as well as the speed with which our clients require the goods. 



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